We see ourselves as a group for gay or bisexual fathers and husbands from Dresden and the surrounding area.

There are men in heterosexual partnerships who only discover in later years that they are (also) attracted to men. This raises many questions and fears, especially with regard to children, family and the previous life plan.

In the gay fathers’ group in Dresden we talk about this and share our experiences regarding family, children, friends and relatives, workplace, coming out and everything else that moves you.

We meet in a discreet and confidential atmosphere in a protected room.

If you wish, a one-on-one meeting is also possible by appointment.

When: every 2nd Thursday of the month, 7.15 p.m.

Where: on demand, we ask for a short mail for registration

Contact: schwulevaeter@gerede-dresden.de

Homepage: www.schwulevaeterdresden.wordpress.com

Contact person: Sebastian