How do we love?

Who and how many?

And how do we deal with it?

  •  Have you ever experienced falling in love with two people at the same time?
  •  Do you have a partner and still want to flirt with others, but don’t know how to deal with it?
  •  You could (never) imagine having an emotional relationship with more than one person?
  •  You are in an open relationship and there is a crisis – what to do?
  •  You just don’t have any answers to this question or similar? Neither do we! But answers are easier to find together.

We are a regulars’ table on the topic of love and relationship, which potentially goes beyond the monogamous relationship of two. We are not a pure polyamory table – even if there are people who live in polyamorous ways. It is not necessary to be in a non-monogamous relationship to be welcome – it is enough if you are interested in such topics or if you are confronted with them voluntarily or involuntarily in your life. We are a mixed group of all ages, from straight to gay, with all kinds of different professional backgrounds. Come by, bring your friends… We look forward to seeing you!

We meet

  • every second Tuesday of the Month from 19:00 in te games bar Barneby, Görlitzer Str. 11 in the back room
  • and new from 06.03.2024 also every first Wednesday of the Month from 20:00 in the Club Traumtänzer, Budapester Str. 24a in the basement room.