Que(e)r through Saxony: Mobile Counseling in Rural Areas

We offer psychosocial counseling and support on all issues related to sexual orientations, gender identities, and queer lifestyles.

We are mobile on the road.

Our goal is to strengthen people in their different ways of life, to support them in their problematc situations and to include their direct living environment.

How does the contact work?

For counselling you can call the mobile numbers or send us an email.

Then we can briefly discuss what your counselling should be about and in which location you would like to be counseled.

These counsellors from our team are available for the following counties:

Danilo Ziemen > countries Bautzen and Görlitz
01525 3262948

Kevin Pierre Reichelt > countries Meißen and Dresden
0152 22135829

Zoe Hetmeier > country Sächsische Schweiz-Osterzgebirge
0162 6519140

For counselling in the countries of Leipzig, Central Saxony and North Saxony, contact the RosaLinde Leipzig e.V. and in the countries Zwickau, Vogtland, Erzgebirge and Chemnitz, contact the different people e.V.

Where will the counseling take place?

We will organize a counseling room in the place where you would like to receive counseling, and we will find a time for a meeting together. Of course, you can also suggest a counseling room.

Can’t we hold the counseling session at my home?

No. We do not conduct counseling sessions in the home of the person being counseled.

What are possible topics for counseling?

Possible counseling topics are:

  • Trans*, transidentity/transsexuality.
  •  Inter*, intersexuality
  •  Sexual orientations (homo-, bi- and asexuality)
  •  Gender identities
  •  coming out
  •  Sexuality
  •  Experiences of discrimination
  •  Relationship and couple counseling
  •  Psychosocial problems (addiction, fears etc.)
  •  Contact search (self-help groups, culture, leisure time etc.)

What else do I need to know about counseling?

We advise and accompany:

  • unbiased,
  •  free of charge
  •  anonymous
  •  on site
  •  in the districts of Bautzen, Görlitz, Meißen and Sächsische Schweiz – Osterzgebirge
  •  according to personal request
  •  by mutual appointment
  •  all people, e.g. also parents and/or relatives/friends, work colleagues
  •  regardless of age, religion, origin, sexual and/or gender identity
  •  also by telephone or e-mail

Queer through Saxony offers online counseling as a stand-alone format

Since 2018, the counselors of “Queer through Saxony” have been on the road throughout eastern Saxony to support queer people and their relatives through counseling and accompaniment.

Due to the COVID Pandemic, many people can no longer be so flexible on the road.

Others could not or not to the full extent use our offer due to various conditions (e.g. work and training times, family involvement, etc.) even independently of COVID. Since January 2022, we have been offering online counseling as an independent format for queer people in Eastern Saxony (except Dresden).

For this purpose, we use Zoom or the DGSVO-compliant platform sichere-videokonferenz.de.

The consultations can usually take place on Mondays or Tuesdays.

Contact will be made exclusively via email. Please write  – with indication of your district – a message to online-beratung@gerede-dresden.de.

Our counselor, who is a trained life and couples counselor as well as a coach and supervisor (DGSv), will then contact you regarding an appointment.