Children and young people in Dresden

For all people who are looking for support, there is an open ear at Gerede. We advise you free of charge, anonymously and professionally. The counselors are open to all queer topics as well as diverse ways of loving and living and have several years of professional experience. Relatives, parents and friends can also take advantage of our consultations.

So, if …

  •  you are lesbian, gay, bisexual, pansexual, intersex, trans or queer (maybe you are not sure (yet)),
  •  you are in the middle of coming out and want support,
  •  you feel uncomfortable in your own skin and feel that you belong to the opposite sex,
  •  you want to experience solidarity and security,
  •  you are looking for support in dealing confidently with others,
  •  you have difficulties with your partner or with friends,
  •  you have questions about homosexuality, bisexuality and transidentity,
  •  you are in a queer, polyamorous or other type of relationship,
  •  you have questions about safer sex, HIV/AIDS or other sexually transmitted diseases,
  •  you live in a relationship and you want to have children or you are already parents and difficulties arise,

…then we offer you understanding and trust, support and help.

How and when?

We are there for you on the phone, via video conference, e-mail or in person. Our flexible consulting hours allow you to reach us in an uncomplicated way. However, please always make an appointment with us in advance, so that we can look together for a time that suits you and you get exactly the time you need to process your request.

Unfortunately, due to many requests, there are always waiting times for appointments. We therefore ask you for a little patience – but you can be sure that we process all requests with the utmost care. We know the special specifics of the topics and can deal with them sensitively. Long explanations and embarrassing revelations are therefore spared. So, don’t lose heart 😉

If you would like to contact a counselor of the association in writing and need a quick answer, then use the e-mail counseling at :

For professional, free and anonymous counseling in Dresden you can reach our counselors via the following ways:

Georg Hennig
: 0160 – 69 66 714

Melanie Schrimpf:
: 0160 – 46 00 855

For consultation in the districts Bautzen, Görlitz, Meißen and Sächsische Schweiz-Osterzgebirge:
: 01525 – 32 62 948