Our free book boxes contain lots of exciting media suitable for young people on the subject of acceptance and empowerment of sexual and gender diversity. In addition to coming-of-age novels, graphic novels and biographies, there are also educational and factual materials that give young people the opportunity to approach the topic easily and independently, to obtain information on different sexual orientations and genders or gender identities. The book box can be ordered as a “complete” box, or you can put it together yourself in addition to a “basic” base. Here you will find the catalog of our books with a description of the content and thematic classification. The book box remains in your youth club.

Educational material

In addition to the book boxes, you will receive an introduction to the Queerkram box, as well as helpful educational material to place and absorb the topics of sexual and gender diversity in a meaningful and needs-based manner. The material gives confidence to act in order to deal with possible questions, prejudices and fears of the young people. Topics include: 

  • Educational integration of the book box into the facility
  •  Supporting and responding to youth coming-outs
  •  Dealing with anti-queer bullying, prejudice etc.
  •  Dealing with intersex and transgender in the youth club 

Why this project?  

As the most anti-queer federal state, Saxony is a dangerous place for queer people – especially in rural East Saxony (link to the study by the Ministry of Justice). In particular, the project wants to support the creation of safer spaces for young people.

This project is funded by the Postcode Lottery