Counseling, the,-s: support, consultation, knowledge, conversation, advice, information, and interests

For all people looking for assistance or support, there is someone at Gerede, who might be able to help. We advise you for free, confidentially and professionally. The counselors approach the subject of homo-, bi-and transsexuality with an open mind and provide years of professional practice and experience. Relatives and friends are invited for open communication or counseling as well.

So, if ...

  • You are lesbian, gay, bi-, or transsexual (perhaps you are not sure yet of what you might be
  • You are stuck in the middle of your coming out and need assistance,
  • You are uncomfortable in your skin and you can identify yourself only with the opposite sex,
  • You want to become more self confident and self-assured,
  • You are looking for assistance with confidential handling,
  • You have difficulties in your partnership or with friends,
  • You have questions about homosexuality, bisexuality, and trans-sexuality,
  • You have questions about safer sex, HIV / AIDS or other venereal diseases,
  • You"re living in a partnership and you want children or you are a parent already and difficulties arise,

... Then we offer you understanding and trust, support and help.

How and when?

We´re there for you via phone, letter, e-mail or in person.

We know the specifics of each particular subject and can respond to them with sensitivity. Long explanations and embarrassing revelations are easily avoided this way. So, be brave ;-)

Since not all of our staff speak English well enough for counselling please contact us by email so we can make an appointment.

If you want an appointment you can get it by email:

If you want to contact us in writing and you need a quick answer, then use our e-mail counseling;

If you feel more comfortable talking in your mothertongue we can also work with interpreters. Please send us a request for your preferred language.

Mentoring calendar
Thursday, 26.05.2022
15:00 – 17:00 Beratung für Jungs/Männer

Beratung für Jungs/Männer


Wo? Gerede e.V. Prießnitzstr. 18, 01099 Dresden

Jungs und junge Männer und Bi, ob im Coming Out oder davor oder schon offen lebend, finden im Gerede e.V. ein offenes Ohr bei Georg Hennig. Tel: (0351) 80 222 51; E-Mail:

17:00 – 19:00 Beratung für Regenbogenfamilien (nach Voranmeldung)

Beratung für Regenbogenfamilien (nach Voranmeldung)


Wo? Gerede e.V., Prießnitzstr. 18, 01099 Dresden

Wenn du einen Termin wünschst, so vereinbare diesen bitte telefonisch unter (0351) 80 222 51 oder per E-Mail