The school educational project „Liebesleben“ (transl. "love life") and the educational project „Respekt beginnt im Kopf“ (transl. "Respect begins in the head") are on the one hand dedicated to the education of young people and on the other to development and training for educators and teachers on the subject of sexual identity and diverse lifestyles. In the context of school and university, internships and voluntary work are possible. Just come over, call us, or write an e-mail. We are also happy to support you with thematic projects and final school projects. And whoever wants to participate as a volunteer, has come to the right place!
Just come over, call us, or write an e-mail.


Specific offers are:

  • a training to become a certified youth group leader, facilitator or consultant
  • Assistance on term papers and dissertations
  • Promotion of voluntary work on a sound platform
  • A wide range of (scientific) literature collections because of our media library
  • Education in ethics and biology classes since 1987
  • Training and advanced training for teachers and educators.