Students’ opinions after a project:

"You managed to reduce my prejudices."

"One should cover this topic in much greater detail in class, because many people still have issues with lesbians or gays!"

"I am interested in how they think and live."

"I thought it was great that they openly talked about everything!"

The project

The Gerede-homo, bi and trans e.V. offers educational events for school classes and youth groups since 1989.
Usually these events are integrated into the framework of ethics, religion and biology classes. The projects are suitable for young people starting at the age of 14 and have a duration starting at 90 minutes, but this project can also be extended to whole days.

The concept

Young people are given the opportunity for open discussions on:

  • Roles and role expectations different lifestyles
  • Love, sexuality and relationships
  • sexual orientation (heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual) and sexual identity (i.e. transsexuality)

    No teacher-centered teaching, but interesting, creative, open working together, which is organized in each project to the needs of each class or group. Besides imparting knowledge, we encourage the group to discuss and reflect with the help of sex-education methods. 

The Moderators

Our young, educationally trained moderators form a colorful cross-section of homo-, trans, bisexual and heterosexual people. They are open to all questions with respect to their different lifestyles and ways of love.

Our moderators receive a three-level education for their own teaching skills.

Basic topics are conflict management / intervention, group-management, communication, different ways of life, the role of the moderator, and the planning of the sexual-pedagogical methods being applied. Besidesin depth discussions these methods are continuously tested and reflected.

Possible applications

For example:

Grammar School

  • Biology, grade 8, study area "Sexualität des Menschen“ (transl. "Human sexuality")
  • Catholic religion, grade 12, LB „Geheimnis und Offenbarung“ (transl. "Secrets and revelations")
  • Ev. Religion, grade 9, LB „Der Mensch und sein Handeln“ (transl. "Man and his action­")
  • Ethics, grade 9, LB „Das Phänomen Liebe“ (transl. "The phenomenon of love")

Middle School

  • Biology, grade 7, LB „Biologie des Verhaltens“ (transl. "Biology of behavior")
  • Catholic religion, grade 7, LB „Das eigene Leben und unsere Welt“ (transl. "Our own life and our world")
  • Ev. Religion, grade 9, LB „Das eigene Leben und unsere Welt“ (transl. "Our own life and our world")
  • Ethics, grade 9, LB „Das menschliche Leben- ein Weg“ (transl."The human life- a way")

School for supportive learning:

Biology, grade 8 / 9, LB „Bewusstes Leben“ (transl. "Conscious Living")

Catholic religion, grade 8 / 9, LB „Love- sexuality and affection "or LB „Leben in einer Gemeinschaft“ (transl. "Living in a community")

Ev. Religion, grade 8 / 9, LB „Leben in einer Gemeinschaft“ (transl. "Living in a community")

Civics / law education, grade 8 / 9, electives „Leben in einer Welt voller Widersprüche“ (transl. "Living in a world full of contradictions")

... and of course specifically established projects for tolerance, respect, and diverse lifestyles, etc.


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